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Proud of Our Scouters

Posted by: admin on 01/28/2013 11:34 PM
First thing, yet again, one of our own has received the coveted District Award of Merit.

Here is how she was introduced to the Selection Committee. Her curriculum vitae is far more extensive, but this summary may give you all an idea as to why Marie Baert was selected as a District Award of Merit Recipient for 2012 with Northern Trail District:

"In the Troop, Marie took on the Chair of the Committee and quickly discovered that Wood Badge would be necessary training and a springboard to other contributions to the Troop, District and Council. Since completing her Wood Badge in 2010, she has taken on training staff positions: Troop Guide in Wood Badge 97, Oak Leaf Staff, the University of Scouting for 2012 and will be Scribe for WB 104.

She has not restricted her activities there and has actually been involved in chartering two successful Venturing Crews and is currently the Committee Chair for Crew 2629 and an Assistant Advisor for Crew 728. When the necessity arises, she takes on roles outside the immediate confines of Troop and Crew. We had a Webelos Den that lost its leader and appeared to be on the verge of folding. Marie took on the role of Den Leader with that Den and they are back on track to cross over with no boys lost.

She has accepted and has been participating as a Unit Commissioner for our District since the beginning of 2012, supporting several of the Venturing Crews in Northern Trail.

She has been actively involved with the Catholic Committee on Scouting for the Dallas Diocese and has been recognized for her contributions there with a Certificate of Leadership, the Bronze Pelican (the Diocesan-level Service Award) and the St. George (National Award).

Outside of Scouts, Marie has been so actively involved in the community it is difficult to summarize. She has led or participated as an active member of Home and School (similar to PTA), St. Elizabeth Ann Seton's Women's Club, the Serra Club of Dallas, Jesuit's Auction Committee and Jesuit Band Booster.

Her recognition outside Boy Scouts includes a Silver Presidential Volunteer Service Award in 2009 and a Gold Presidential Volunteer Service Award in 2010 and 2011. She continues to give back to her community in many ways at a very high level.

We are very proud of Marie for her recognition and achievement.

Here is the list of District Awards of Merit coming from Troop 728:

2013 Marie Baert
2010 Steve Carpenter
2009 Chuck Holden
2008 Pete Ineich
2005 Joe Tavares
1990 Mark Carpenter

Next: our Northern Trail District awards only one (1) Silver Beaver award per year, so it is one of the highest honors a Scouter can achieve. Announced at Sunday's District Dinner was the next Silver Beaver recipient, who also happens to be from Troop 728 and Crew 728. Congratulations to our own Chuck Holden for being recognized for that singular honor. No more deserving person exists in our troop. Chuck joins a very small group of elite Scouters from our Troop and Crew.

Our personal and heartfelt congratulations go out to you, Chuck, for finally being recognized for your vast contribution to Scouting! Chuck truly is, in the fine tradition of all people on this list, an exemplary servant leader. Here is a list of all our Silver Beaver recipients:

2013 Chuck Holden
2010 Steve Carpenter
1993 Mark Carpenter

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